The Seeds of Faith ” Rudraksha “.


In the West, common somatic and psychological ailments such as anxiety disorder, attention deficit, or stress are usually treated with medication.  While this type of solution is not without its … [Read more...]

The Empu Keris Pusaka

Especially in the Javanese keris’s blacksmith known as Empu, in Bali known as the  Pandie or Pande or, in Sundanese known as the Master Teupa. David van Duuren in his book "The Collective" the empu … [Read more...]

Ancient Kerises

Discussing Kerises with all its aspects is talking about the depth of the complexity of the archipelago, especially Javanese culture, the expression "Curigo manjing warongko jumbuhing Kawulo lan … [Read more...]

THE PHYSICS SCIENCE to counteract santet / black magic / witchcraft’s attack

Witchcraft, teluh, black magic, pink magic or whatever his name is the negative energy that can damage a person's life: the form of disease, destruction of the household until came to death without … [Read more...]

The secret power of bamboo pethuk woods

The Secret power of Bambu Buntet, Bambu Pethuk (Bambusa Sp, Phyllostachys Sp, Schizostachum Sp) Bamboo buntet is bamboo with it’s reed  is not empty. It is believed that a bamboo stick or staff … [Read more...]

The secret power of Awar-awar woods

The secret power of  Awar-awar woods (Ficus Septica Burm) Bushes that usually grow in damp places throughout Indonesia  archipelago was almost grown, from root to leaf has a purpose. Ground … [Read more...]

The secret power of “Asam Jawa” woods

The secret power of "Asam Jawa" woods (latin: Tamarindus Indicus Linn) Tamarind Tree is very popular in Indonesia reaches 30 m height and diameter reaches 60 cm - 70 cm. Leaves and fruit is widely … [Read more...]