Sri Garuda Puranam, The Garuda Purana


The Garuda Purana is the primary volume of religious texts dealing with The Sacred Pearls.  While it is indicated that Krishna himself learned the Vedic disciplines, including gemology, from Acarya … [Read more...]

The Myth of Garuda

garuda 2

Garuda's origins in Indonesia go back to the time, around the first century A.D., when sailors and traders from Southern India first came to the shores of the fertile islands looking for rice and … [Read more...]

THE PHYSICS SCIENCE to counteract santet / black magic / witchcraft’s attack

Witchcraft, teluh, black magic, pink magic or whatever his name is the negative energy that can damage a person's life: the form of disease, destruction of the household until came to death without … [Read more...]

Why The Sacred Pearls ?

A Zen student once asked his teacher "What is the most valuable thing in the world?" His master replied 'The head of a dead cat.' The student asked the teacher "What makes the head of a dead cat … [Read more...]

Sacred Pearls

The Sacred Pearls are a group of natural gemstones that have been largely lost to the world for centuries.  These gems were first documented in the Hindu scriptures, and their tradition extends … [Read more...]

Bezoars, Fossils, and the Ilmu Spiritualists of Tribal Indonesia

Many of the Divine Net Galleries offerings have some common threads.  While some of the overall collection has come from Tibet, most of the pearl artifacts have been recovered from the … [Read more...]

The secret power of bamboo pethuk woods

The Secret power of Bambu Buntet, Bambu Pethuk (Bambusa Sp, Phyllostachys Sp, Schizostachum Sp) Bamboo buntet is bamboo with it’s reed  is not empty. It is believed that a bamboo stick or staff … [Read more...]