The secret power of Awar-awar woods

The secret power of  Awar-awar woods (Ficus Septica Burm) Bushes that usually grow in damp places throughout Indonesia  archipelago was almost grown, from root to leaf has a purpose. Ground … [Read more...]

The secret power of “Asam Jawa” woods

The secret power of "Asam Jawa" woods (latin: Tamarindus Indicus Linn) Tamarind Tree is very popular in Indonesia reaches 30 m height and diameter reaches 60 cm - 70 cm. Leaves and fruit is widely … [Read more...]

The Secret Power of Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea, Tetragonoclamus angulatus, Phyllostachys nigra f. punctuata, Phyllostaches bamb. violascens, Phyllostachys nigra f. 'Boryana', Phyllostachys viridis 'Sulphurea', Phyllostachys bambusoides. (Illustration Photo by Wetterwald M.F.)

Thomas Edison successfully used  filament carbonized derived from bamboo, in the first trial with the incandescent lamp (bulb). The bulb is still lit and placed in the Smithsonian Museum in … [Read more...]

Spiritual Festival in Ubud – Bali


Spiritual Festival in Ubud - Bali When meditating on Mount Lawu, East Java, Resi (functional title for Priest) Markandya see rays of light from the east. In his vision, he saw a row of lush green … [Read more...]

The secret power of iron

Meteorite iron

The secret power of iron on a keris IRON IN THE AL-QURAN. To own keris will going to “musyrik” and “Syirik” (dualism) if we are wrong in interpret meanings of kerises, maybe we believe how … [Read more...]

The Mistery of Ilmu Leak Bali

Simms - Cemetery

Ilmu Leak is an ancient knowledge passed down by the ancestors of Hindus in Bali. Today people wondering is leak is real?, is leak really hurting people? In general, it does not hurt people, Leak was … [Read more...]

Giant Crocodile catch on West Kalimantan

Video Giant Crocodile 15 m in West Kalimantan|Video Youtube Blog 6 Feb 2010 ... Recently there was a giant crocodile with a length of 15m was captured by residents in West Kalimantan. This giant … [Read more...]