The Secret Power of Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea, Tetragonoclamus angulatus, Phyllostachys nigra f. punctuata, Phyllostaches bamb. violascens, Phyllostachys nigra f. 'Boryana', Phyllostachys viridis 'Sulphurea', Phyllostachys bambusoides. (Illustration Photo by Wetterwald M.F.)

Thomas Edison successfully used  filament carbonized derived from bamboo, in the first trial with the incandescent lamp (bulb). The bulb is still lit and placed in the Smithsonian Museum in … [Read more...]


inner power

Tenaga Dalam or Inner Power Everyone automatically has the inner power as congenital birth. Inner power works as the energy reserves . The reality those energy reserves is far more than … [Read more...]

Supranatural Conception

Spiritual Healing

Supranatural conception from our brother in Rhodes, Greece Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Hi people often prejudiced, really confusing when we read articles or accusations about people 'accused' … [Read more...]

The Levels of Kejawen’s Spiritual Knowledge

wayang art

As is already stated that Kejawen besides consists of Javanese Spiritual Teaching also includes other aspects of Javanese culture such as : Tradition and Rituals Etiquette and … [Read more...]

What is Kejawen?

Wayang Art

What is "Kejawen"? FOREWORD On the island of Java, Indonesia, the ethnic Javanese people, following the tradition of their ancestors, basically have great interest in spirituality ( kebatinan … [Read more...]

Various Magickal Spells in Java

Raden Pandu

Introduction :  The Various Types of Javanesse Magickal Spells AJI KALACAKRA Rajah ghoib (writing khodam) Kalachakra is a weapon that could destroy an enemy which has a high  magickal power. … [Read more...]

Ilmu Santet

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Ilmu Santet / Science of Witchcraft Basically the science of witchcraft is a science that studies how to insert objects into the human body or something else with the purpose to hurt. This thing … [Read more...]