Ilmu Terawangan

Brain's Wawes

ILMU  TERAWANGAN (Translate : See In The Darkness Science) Many adepts of “ilmu hikmah” hunting sciences of wisdom about the unseen, especially “ilmu terawangan”. As one of … [Read more...]

King Solomon Testament

King Solomom

The Following statement is part of King Solomon's very own testament to his son Roboam regarding the Celestial benefits & pleasures that may be acquired by the possession of magical angelic … [Read more...]

Ilmu Tangguh Keris

Keris Daphur Nogo Sosro

Ilmu Tangguh Keris is the knowledge (kawruh) to estimate the time of making of keris, by examining characteristics of design or style of kerises, raw material mixing and some typical of pamor. In … [Read more...]