Erotic Dream Stone Type A3 MPT – 2007

EROTIC DREAM STONES LOGOSDreams are one form of communication between body, mind and soul in a symbolic communicative environment. Actually, we dream all the time, including when we are conscious or awake. This process takes place in our subconscious that we are not aware of it.

Erotic Dream Stone - Fairy logosHi Guys, surely you’ve ever dreamed of dating a girlfriend, someone else, something scary or a sad dream, etc. It’s a natural thing happening in your life. Do you want to dream to date a fairy or a beautiful woman in your dreams ???

Erotic Dream Stone Type A3 MPT - 2017.  Erotic Dream Stone is a unique item, it’s setting specifically to accompany you sleeping with dreams of a beautiful, passionate, romantic, fun, charming and your chance to dating with the beautiful fairy / beautiful angelic, so you will get something different from usual. The unique stone is ready for use, it easy to use, without any special rituals and free to all religions and surely without taboos. You are curious to get an erotic dream, please try it for yourself.
The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits.

*  It gives psychically detected for the name of fairy spirits.
*  Specific mantras for activation of stone.
*  Waiting List : this stone is processed ritual, it taking time 3 – 5 Days.
*  Bonus : Aromatic oil for increasing it’s power and A Pair of Living Grass “ Buluh Perindu “ Kalimantan Forest.
Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.
*  This type of  item is only one available.
*  Free Shipping by EMS International.

MPT - 2007 A3
Erotic Dream Stone Type A3 MPT - 2007
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