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Basically the science of witchcraft is a science that studies how to insert objects into the human body or something else with the purpose to hurt.

This thing could be such a nail or venomous beast magically sent to be inserted into a person’s body with the aim of hurting the person.

Like other sciences in the world, could a science of white witchcraft or black magic depends on the use of this knowledge whether for good or for evil. But in its application of this white science combined with other sciences, so it can be said distorted (blacked out) by the shamans, for example, originally used to lull a fussy baby to be asleep, the thief was diverted for science lull potential victims.

Science to melting down anger, harsh crazy person, but diverted the function to make others in hypnotized persuasion states as an object for criminal reason. The last case was prevalent that we are familiar with the term generally Ilmu Gendam.

Although the process of the occult witchcraft is difficult to understand scientifically, but logically witchcraft could be understood as a process of dematerializing. At the time of witchcraft will be sent, objects such as nails, needles, glass, or venomous beast is transformed from matter into energy.

Then, in the form of energy, this object is sent toward the target. After right on target, this energy is converted back into matter. So that anything that had been sent, for example glass and venomous animals will get into the body of someone who is a target of witchcraft. Furthermore, automatic objects that were inserted through witchcraft will cause pain in the body of santet ‘s victim.

Furthermore, the authors will discuss the science of witchcraft more toward witchcraft as black magic. Based on the authors knowledge, there are two types of witchcraft power in a view of the type or used as a source of strength.


Is the witchcraft processed works using  the power of supernatural creatures such as spirits, demons and other supernatural beings. In doing so, the shamans of witchcraft will work with supernatural beings as “courier” of witchcraft.

To invite the supernatural beings to be used as “couriers” is of course the shamans must provide benefits in accordance ilmu santet demanded by the courier. Rewards could be special offerings designated as a sacrifice for supernatural beings.

Other benefits can also be shaped in accordance with the shamans of supernatural beings go through witchcraft. After the promised “ a sacrifice” (tumbal), then “the messenger” will do its work bringing witchcraft to the point of target.

There are cases such as offerings or compensation agreed upon negligent or not implemented by the practitioners of witchcraft, so in this case could have the supernatural beings will ask”tumbal” of the shaman of witchcraft. So that it can be concluded this is risk to the shaman or practioner of santet/witchcraft.


The black magic that comes from inner strength. Witchcraft with this method requires the inner strength that is usually obtained from a spiritual attitude.

At the time of its use of witchcraft with psychic powers are usually assisted by the power of visualization (imagery) and high focusing is more powerful than to use “courier”

Essence the power of witchcraft is derived from the inner will of course high focussing. While the role of ritual, like reading incantations or other tirakat behavior is a supporting infrastructure that can help  to grow inner visualization power.

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