Ilmu Tangguh Keris

Keris Daphur Nogo Sosro

Ilmu Tangguh Keris is the knowledge (kawruh) to estimate the time of making of keris, by examining characteristics of design or style of kerises, raw material mixing and some typical of pamor.

In the ancient records, written down that notation was convinced that there is a characteristic design or styles of each empire. This means that at the time of Majapahit believed his keris has several features of characteric design or styles is uniform, and thus, the time of the Mataram kingdom of SurakartaHadiningrat believed to have their own styles.
Confidence in the forged iron and it’s mixing
pamor materials also serve as a guide in this ilmu tangguh.

The division of the stages of that era,  were as follows:
1. Ancient Ages
(Ancient Ages) in 125 AD – 1125 AD
kingdoms include:
Purwacarita, Medang Siwanda, Medang Kamulan, Writing, Gilingwesi, Mamenang, Pengging Witaradya, Kahuripan and Kediri.

2. Ancient Middle Ages
(Ancient Middle Ages) in 1126 AD – 1250 AD
Kingdoms include:
Jenggala, Kediri, Pajajaran and Cirebon.

3. Old Middle Ages
(Old Middle Ages) in 1251 AD – 1459 AD
Kingdoms include:
Jenggala, Kediri, Tuban, Madura, Majapahit and Blambangan

Demo by John Kumiz

Demo by John Kumiz

4. Middle Ages
(Middle Ages) 1460 AD – 1613 AD
Kingdoms include:
Demak, Pajang, Madison, and Mataram

5. Young Ages
(Young Ages) in 1614 M – 1945
Kingdoms include:
Kartasura and Surakarta.

6. Independence (Kamardikan) 1945 onwards.
Kerises is created after Indonesia’s independence, in 1945.
At that time was, the king in Surakarta Hadiningrat to get a nickname Sinuhun Hamardika XII. Keris created during this era included in the classification kamardikan keris.
Ilmu tangguh is favor by the community appreciation of art kerises , because there lies in the ability of an art, a kind of test the ability from kerises appreciation. Ilmu tangguh also has become a value at the price of a keris … according to the existing trend of the times.

Ilmu tangguh in the Java language dictionary (S. Prawiroatmodjo) interpreted as ‘be trusted’, ‘grace’, ‘good time’, ‘suspect’, ‘conjecture’, ‘style’, ‘institution’, ‘kind’ (kerises).

However, the demands of modernity and the criticize (the scientific side)desire of the present, Ilmu tangguh is required to be robust (exact), meaning that ilmu tangguh will be shifted to adjust tough era to be able to complete one of the criteria in making certification a keris. This demand is realistic because the younger generation no longer flattering ‘the elders’ that do not necessarily have the right insight. Flattering is ethnographic characteristics of elders is paternalistic culture in the sub-culture of Java (Nusantara). However, ‘ilmu tangguh’ must be maintained existence, faith in the elder will be shifted to the certification of an institutional body maybe in a national scale.

Below are the features of a keris and the tangguh:
Short shape of
ganja , wadidang upright, there-there’s like a cow’s back, iron-smooth and solid black, pamor like white hair and sogokan without the pamor.
Ganja ambatok mengkurep, fluffy
,  sirah cecak long, fibrous and dry iron, pieces of blade slender, pamor like a fat / lard, or pejetan or blumbangansogokan rather wide and short.

Pieces of blade slender rather small / slim,
ganja sebit rontal small and flexible, short and pointe sirah cecak, Odo Odo-sharp, heavy metal and black. Pamor long hairy of fibrous. Keris’s Pasikutan Wingit.
ganja – furry, sirah cecak blunt, pamor spread, cut of blade convex and wide
Large blade size and long, more larger than the size of java keris, iron shiny, smooth and shiny pamor.
Old Madura
Iron rough and heavy, sekar kacang blunt and has a big pamor

Forms of ganja such as lizards catch prey, full pamor sogokan, sekar kacang like bun of wayang/ puppets, pamor  looks solid, and the upper of puyuan are stuck (end of sogokan)
Iron a little bit rough, when s hand, a bit heavy, heavier and paunch blades, ganja with lizard head and pointed shape.
Blade such as cassava leaves, fine iron, pamor spread, puyuan pointed shape, Gulu meled on short ganja, Odo-Odo and other parts look sweet and flexible.
Ganja hang, smooth and heavy metal, full of pamor spread out through the blade

Note ; the above only as examples of writing tough criteria, which of course should be accompanied by examples of things such as photos, sketches or Blad. So the truth of ilmu tangguh is still need to be refined.

(This note is taken of some of the note of them from Yahoo Groups Discussion Forum Keris)

Ilmu Tangguh Keris
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