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(Translate : See In The Darkness Science)

Myth Place

Myth Place

Many adepts of “ilmu hikmah” hunting sciences of wisdom about the unseen, especially “ilmu terawangan”. As one of ” ilmu hikmah” disciplines, “ ilmu terawangan” is rare, this ilmu had a great interest  by the people who want to learn this science in both ancient and contemporary wisdom. To study this ilmu needed absolutely, a good stamina, healthy and fit body, due to ilmu terawangan require enormous energy and also draining our power, although just only read certain prayers. As mentioned terawangan (translated =to see, to view), Wih this ilmu you are able to see / view from our dimension into another dimension.

Ilmu Terawangan could  be also used to view the future beside to see the unseen, communication wth supernatural being, where ever they are, etc.. In this ilmu terawangan is vary different from the other  “ilmu” which to invite  the jinns/genies, due to ilmu terawangan will use to communicate with the jinn/genies in their world but we are still remain in our nature, although we still can communicate with other world or even dimension  with long distance , like teleconferencing, where we talk to another dimension with still remain in our place, but we are see the faces of our conversational partner.

While invite the  jinn /genie that they will come to our nature by changing the shape from immaterial into a form of material, the form can be touched and seen by all our senses, it is also well able to communicate with the jinns/genies.

Greatness of Ilmu terawangan is indeed very famous, but the ilmu terawangan has 10 levels and its own specialization. Any use of ilmu terawangan usually will issue a large energy, depending on what will be seen.

Ilmu Terawangan were divided into two types:

Ilmu terawangan using your eyes closed is called science using the eyes of the heart, because all that will be seen using the eyes of the heart or the so-called spiritual science, because the focus of this spiritual science on the base of eyebrow, so point of view  focused on the base of eye brow with eyes closed, so that what will be viewed, changed and will change if the awaiting for a moment will display the form that will be seen. As for communication or to listen to and talk with other dimensions, and using the inner (eye’s heart), as for the weakness ilmu terawangan with eyes closed is often hallucinate so there should be need guidance to practice their knowledge

Ilmu terawangan with open eyes is commonly called science of metaphyics, because all that will be viewed using the physical eyes open. These studies focus on what will be seen quite looking forward with  just as  reads certain prayers, so what would be seen would be quite real and, as we saw in our nature. As for communication or to listen to and talk with other dimensions, using all our physical senses so we do not use eyes of our hearts.

As for the signs of someone who mastered the ilmu terawangan is when reading prayers terawangan, both eyes are slightly red means the person is already able to see things unseen. And after finished reading prayers terawangan then his eyes back to normal again.

If the person reading terawangan prayers regularly, then that person will have the ability to automatically, and are able to feel something unseen without reading certain prayers.

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