“Infinite of Love”

Infinite of  Love

The mystical life….where does One begin?? There is no rhyme or reason, no ‘do gooders’ and no ‘sin’. All of Life is The Experience, All of Life is What Matters, All of Life is What We Make, All of Life with It’s Tears & Tatters.

Beauty prevails no matter where You go.

Beauty prevails as with Life We Grow.

Beauty prevails in the Darkness of Night.

Beauty prevails in the Dawn of Light.

For everything is a Miracle in the Mystical Life. Magic All Encompassing Us on this Flight. It’s easy to forget that it’s a flight that We’re on…this is the miracle of every new dawn. Forget to remember, remember to forget and then before You know it, You’re taking off on another Jet.

Jet setter,

Go getter,

Red letter,

….Mad Hatter??

It’s Alice in Wonderland….Dorothy in Oz…..Star Wars, Star Trekkin’, Star Gate’s to the Beyond. It’s The Neverending Story, Peter Pan before his time….It’s Puff the Magic Dragon spinning on a dime.

It’s forwards and backwards All in One, up and down, but never ‘done’.

The Mystical Life, the ineffible journey….Where Beauty prevails and there’s no need to hurry.

Infinite Love,


"Infinite of Love"
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