“Jenglot” found in Jimbaran, Bali & Situbondo

1. The tomb was first discovered by the officers Bala Wista Pecatu Labuan Sait Jimbaran beach while being monitored from the top of the cliff, Friday, May 7, 2010. We turned to the left, the officer was suspicious of the mysterious mounds turned out to be grave.

After the grave has been dug, the resident discovered three things namely in the form of a mermaid is small, and long hair wrapped in white cloth and two more in the form jenglot with sleeping position and long-legged with each about 40 centimeters (cm).
Meanwhile, around the location of the discovery of the tomb of a fragrant scent mingled with the smell of dead bodies.

Bendesa Pecatu customary, I Wayan Rebong said this discovery represents the first occurrence in the region so it will deliberate on the first with its citizens if the need sweep away into the sea.

“This is the first time in our village. Whether to sweep away to sea or not we deliberate first with citizens. While these bodies we put in place and awaiting the results of his findings, “he said.

The discovery of this mysterious tomb was made of tourists who enjoy the holiday feeling disturbed. (JN)

2. Jenglot catching it early from death one by one livestock owned by residents. This went on for months. In each of carcasses of livestock that died were usually show signs of bite marks on the neck. Residents thought the sign was a bat bite.

Topics to teams from antv, one resident, Junadi, admitted losing five goats. “All the same case, dead with a wound in the neck, the neck is like the blood sucked out until death,” he said.

But a cleric in the village do not just believe the death of the cattle owned by residents due to bat bites. Moreover, almost every night he heard unusual noises that are often passed on the roof of the house residents.

Armed with prayers and special equipment, and certain rituals, the cleric is assisted local people caught a glimpse of trusted  jenglot. Jenglot physically resemble a body like a monster living human bodies, fish or snake. Approximately 15 cm in length, has a canine tooth and nail anjang. Her body was also hard like fossils with long tousled hair. Jenglot often believed to live underground, the roof of the house or the trunk of an old tree.



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