King Cobra Pearl Type A – 125

King Cobra Pearl Type A - 125

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King Cobra Snake Pearl : Symbolized of Rebirth, Wisdom, Sexuality, Prosperity, Charisma, Life Harmony

The snake has been a source of controversy as to its symbolism for centuries. In some religions it represents the the lower elements (devil), and in others it symbolizes healing and higher transformation, at once strength and grace, long life, life harmony,charisma, prosperity, attract luck, attract money, love and sex, Etc. High the power animal totems. There is so much written about the snake, that you should study it carefully to find all the lessons that it can teach. Here are some of the lessons you will learn if the snake is your personal totem.

  • Rebirth of Power
  • Healing and Wisdom
  • Secrets of the Underworld
  • Creative energy slowly released
  • Compassion, clairvoyance, charm
  • Death and then rebirth by shedding old ’skin’
  • Sexual and creative life force
  • This Mustika Pearls Is The Best Quality And The Best Collection Of One Only.
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King Cobra Pearl Type A - 125
King Cobra Pearl Type A - 125
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