King Solomon Testament

The Following statement is part of King Solomon’s very own testament to his son Roboam regarding the Celestial benefits & pleasures that may be acquired by the possession of magical angelic talismans.

And Solomon said: Hear, O my son, and learn the wonders of God. For, on a certain night, when I laid me down to sleep, I called upon the most holy Name of God, IAH, and prayed for the Ineffable Wisdom, and when I was beginning to close my eyes, the Angel of the Lord, even Haniel, appeared unto me, and spoke many things courteously unto me. Whereupon, I answered unto the Angel, that according to the Will of the Supreme Being, I only desired the Gift of Wisdom, and by the Grace of God I obtained in addition to this the enjoyment of all the Celestial treasures and knowledge of all natural things. When I comprehended what was said unto me, I saw that all the writings and wisdom of this present age were vain and futile, and that no man was perfect.

And Solomon said: In these my talismans you will find the great and holiest names of the creator, written by him on the tablets of Moses. These I, Solomon, learned through the services of the angel Raphael. I have collected and consecrated them, for the good of all humanity, and for the defence of the body and the soul. For it is by this means, my Son, that I possess all the virtues and riches of which thou now see me in the enjoyment of. This is a science which only works by strength & power of natural things, and by the pure Angels which govern it.

Firstly it is necessary for thee to understand that God, having made all things, wished to bring His works to perfection, by making one which participates of the Divine and of the Terrestrial, that is to say, Man; whose body is gross and terrestrial, while his soul is spiritual and celestial, unto whom He hath made subject the whole earth, and hath given unto Him means {talismans} by which He may render the Angels helpful, as I call those Celestial creatures who are destined to aid and direct humanity. Thou may then, by the use of holy talismans, render them helpful unto thee, for the knowledge and good wherewith He hath enriched us is for the good of all humanity and these my talismans are the divine Keys* by which all of humanity may benefit from the wisdom and protection of the benevolent angels.

Think not, however, O my Son, that it would not be permitted thee to profit by the good fortune and happiness which the benevolent angels can bring thee; for on the contrary, it gives them great pleasure to render service and help to humans for whom these Celestial beings have a great liking & affinity, the Supreme Being having destined them for the preservation & guidance of humanity. Furthermore, I wish to make thee understand that each one of us has a spirit, which watches over us and takes care of our preservation; these are called guardian angels. They are elementary like us, and are more ready to render blessings and service to thee if thou should possess their holy talismans.

We have translated and edited the above text from ancient manuscripts, known as the Key of Solomon. Original copies are in the possession of the British Museum London.

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King Solomon Testament
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