Practising occult power?

Demo by Jhon Kumiz

Demo by Jhon Kumiz

Opening Occult Science
In this world, there are those given by God to have excess to supernatural power even though he/she never learned. There is also people who are provided with access to study various sciences, so he/she could have a lot of ability in a short time. There are also people the difficulties in studying science, although he/she has diligently trying. If you belonged to the latter, then do not always pessimistic. There are still many roads to open doors your scholarship. Many people are learning witchcraft for many years, but there is no satisfactory results. Failure could have occurred because of the knowledge the original layout has not learned the ropes or the study of science are false. Number of fake science and science is usually not authentic tradition is the unscrupulous psychics who do not act responsibly. Do not easily believe in the people who he said could open the aura, cakra or “occult hijab”  so that people could quickly mastered the occult science  and can enter faerie. Truly your heart can only open by your own efforts. Other people can only held directed and told how. Other causes of failure is the ignorance of the nature of science learned. People who study occultism ought to know “where source strength of magic and how the process or the workings of science supernatural “, or maybe he studied at the fake psychic science certainly false.
Therefore I write “Opener Occult Science” which peel two main points that should be a beginning for your knowledge want to learn witchcraft. This knowledge will greatly assist in opened the door to supernatural forces in the body.

Source Supernatural Ability
The flow of wisdom and kejawen agree that the source of magic power is khodam. Yet two trends are different opinions about the notion khodam. Kejawen flow assumes that khodam or prewangan are indeed certain types of creatures created by God to help mankind. According to Javanese ideology, khodam is not the jinn and not an angel, but a special magical creatures that functions in humans generate magic psychic powers, or magical objects. While the flow of wisdom sure that “khodam” is actually just Jinn or Angel nickname for the help man. This opinion Based at least two reasons: First, Angel in Arabic means servant, watchman or guard that always follow. In Arabic maids, chauffeurs, gardeners and body guard can also be referred to as khodam. Secondly, not in the Quran has been explained that God only created his servant in three forms, namely: Angels, Man and Jinn. Even if there are term “khodam”, then nothing but an alias for all three types of these creatures. Just as “Satan”, they are not the type of creature, but merely a nickname for the jinns and humans who like to do evil. I am personally more convinced opinion wisdom flow because it has strong reasons. Miracle brought about by different magic mukzijat. The difference is in the process and who receive it.
Mukzijat only received by the prophets / messengers and processes, without intermediaries, here is no intermediary angels / spirits that cause the prophet Moses could divide the sea and his staff into a snake. Genesis miracles directly from the command of God “fa yakun kun!”. Miracles can not learned or cultivated by humans, including the prophet, the prophet only accept and not reject the authority of God in power. While the miracle that is actually caused by witchcraft
khodam functions that have been fused with the owner of witchcraft. For example people whose skin is immune to a sharp weapon, really its skin Unseen by khodam’s energy covered so that the weapons would touching the skin was blocked and could not penetrate. This process is similar with the earth’s atmosphere when there is a meteor that far then the friction will be experienced until the meteor burned and exhausted, with such creatures of the earth to be safe from a falling meteor.
Occult Science can be learned or cultivated. Attempts to obtain might witchcraft by fasting, wirid mantra, meditation, charging (when there was a
teacher) and others. This Angel is going to be any spirit of witchcraft vary depending on the type of science and who practice science them. For pure practice derived from the Quran, InsyaAllah, the khodam is an angel. Science Javanist, most be have khodam Jin Muslims or non-Muslim jinns depends on who practise and intention to have such knowledge.

Angel Nature Occult Science
I am sure, some of you to be afraid to learn witchcraft after knowing that his strength really comes from supernatural beings (Khodam). Know that jinn who became khodam is a different charachter with gadfly jinns. Angel is a genie that is passive. He can not affect your mind and can not reveals itself. Although khodam always follow you, it will not comment any of your actions. Angel can not communicate
with you, unless you have “ilmu terawangan”, it wil let you communicate with khodam directly.  So basically, even though hundreds khodam follow you, you keep yourself free, could do whatever he pleased. You need not fear the khodam because it will only help you without asking anything in return or not interfere.

Why should the fast and read the spell?
The nature of fasting in witchcraft is to facilitate the pooling of   khodam with the owners knowledge. Fasting does not mean without knowledge can not
controlled. If there are teachers who are willing to fill your magic, then you can have no direct knowledge from fasting process / ritual.
Strength results of charging depending on how big the supernatural ability of teachers to fill you. Meanwhile, if you are fasting / ritual itself, the power generated depends on appreciation, and your sincerity in running the fasting / ritual.
Mantra is the means to call khodam. When you cast a spell, some khodam of the same nature with the mantra that you read directly come around you. The khodam can not be united with your body because different compilers material body. Jin made of fire (heat) and you made from the ground (neutral), then in order to facilitate the unification khodam with yourself you should empty your stomach until your body feels weak and hot.
The weakness of your body when fasting also facilitate the pooling of khodam. Logically, the body is weak because of lack of energy, then there opportunities for khodam to fill the shortage of energy in your body. Science that already exists in your self can grow stronger and could also
weakened depending on your diligence in taking care of these sciences. Caring science is synonymous with keeping the relationship between khodam and you. The stronger the bond between you and khodam, the stronger the strength of your knowledge. How to treat a science is to read the spell rutinpada time specified. The more solemn and more wirid spells then the greater is the power of your knowledge.

How To Open Door Occult Science
If you are the people who often fail in studying witchcraft or magic did not find teachers who are willing to fill in the sciences to your body. Then do the following way. Hopefully with the way that I give, you will easily master the magic even if you only learn from books. If you do not understand Arabic, then use the second way. The practice opened witchcraft, also known for sharpened your deepest intuition.

Practising occult power?
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