Supranatural Conception

Supranatural conception from our brother in Rhodes, Greece

Hi people often prejudiced, really confusing when we read articles or accusations about people ‘accused’ admitted knowing or anything related to supranatural matters, so always woke doubt among the Muslims. Indeed, they  are Mutathahirin (person who likes to purify themselves), to riyadhah not in search a supranatural science(ilmu gaib), because it actually has a clear case for them. Ilmu/science  actually obtained those who always do purification riyadhah is ‘Ilmu Hikmah’ (science of wisdom). If we are not yet up and understand the wisdom  gained, be patient a lot of instability esoterically  understanding us to the secrets of Allah and His Apostle. With the intercession of the Holy Qur’an Wisdom Scripture they purified themselves, especially from an ego orgasm hidden so that the blessing of wisdom from Allah SWT flowing. But the fool says, he knows that supranatural science! He said he saw something we do not

look! The Bid’a! absolutely scandalous slander like that. They were men who were accused, knew better than the accuser about the full rights of Allah SWT concerning all things.

‘Did any come unto you, The Messenger to bring something (a lesson) that does not comply with your wishes then you’re arrogant, so some people (among them), you deny, and some (other) you murdered? Al Baqarah 87

Surely those who have the science of wisdom (ilmu hikmah) are saints, not because they know the gaib (supranatural science), but because Allah has glorified them with the wisdom that many

‘Allah bestows Al Wisdom (Al Hikmah) (esoteric  that in the Qur’an and Sunnah) to whom He wills. And whoever is awarded the Al wisdom (Al Hikmah) is, he actually has received abundant good. And  only to those who sensible that can take lessons (from the Word of Allah). ”

Prophet Ibrahim is understood about the gift of wisdom that only revealed to those who purify themselves happily, therefore he prayed to Allah Almighty send down  prophet/ saint in the middle of humans who were able to receive secret messages of Allah Almighty, had learned the secret of Allah Almighty not acceptable for humans down on the dirty, so He has a prayer.

Our Lord, send to them an Apostle from among them, who will recite to them Thy Signs, and teaching them The Al Qur’an and Al-Wisdom and purify them. Verily Thou the Mighty, also The Wise. Al Baqara 129

Allah The Almighty granted prayer of Ibrahim, with the assigned of Apostles  after him. Muhammad SAW (may Allah honor them) is a holy man, from the hand of wisdom He has channeled that knowledge of Aulia, Amilin, Ulama, Shadiqqin (may Allah honor them), in order to help the human race after his departure to be able to purify themselves to also be able to get the gift of wisdom about science what is not known.

As (We’ve improved our blessing of happines from Allah) We sent unto the Apostle among you who recite Our Signs to you and purify you and to teach you the Al Qur’an and Al-Wisdom, and teach you what ye knew not. Al Baqarah 151
Do not forget, if we are elected as presidents, generals, doctors, whatever
his name was all that their world rank was sworn in, so if people think that when science of wisdom is given to those who enjoy self-purification, and think that it is just something that is given just like that, then it’s obvious stupidity.Do  You not believe me?

And (remember) when Allah took from the prophets AGREEMENT: “Really, what I have given you of Al Qur’an  and Al Wisdom, and then come unto you a Messenger, confirming what do you have, you will truly believe in him and help him” . Allah said: “Do you recognize and accept my covenant against that?” They said: “We agree.” He said: “Then bear witness, (Oh the Prophets) and I am a witness (also) with you.” Ali Imran 81

All of my friend and gentlemen, their holy men are not pursuing the case which supranatural, and refrain from attacks on people who are happy to purify themselves because of prejudice that they are all chasing the supranatural science. That may be the shamans and witches who hate Allah Almighty to seek fame and worldly. Pursue those people who always strive to purify themselves for wisdom on them. Go to, respect, love and raise them to be your leader, I hope wisdom always poured to you with the permission of Allah SWT.

. ‘… And remember Allah blessing happiness  to you, and what Allah has revealed to thee of the Al Qur’an Scripture and wisdom (Al Hikmah).  Allah give the Precept in what it was derived. And fear to Allah and know that Allah is The Knowest  of all things. Al Baqarah 231

If you ask, where we find these saints (Holly Men)? then look up your hearts
to say, because actually most of us still in deviation, Allah will help you find them.

“Truly Allah has given blessing to people who believe Him when Allah sent among them a Messenger from among themselves, reciting unto them the Signs of Allah, cleanse (soul), and teaches them Al Qur’an and Al wisdom (Al Hikmah). And indeed before (the coming of the Prophet), they are really in deviation. Ali Imran 164

Find the Saints (Holy Men) that says to you “And you shall be a Rabbani”

‘Not proper for the human person that Allah gave him the Al Qur’an, Al Wisdom and Prophethood, then says to the people: “And You shall be My worshiper.” But then(Allah said): “Ye shall be those Rabbani, because you always teach the Qur’an and because you have studied.” Ali Imran 79

You want to build this nation, family, yourself, happy purify themselves. When Al wisdom is flowing, then anyone in any field will see all things become clear, this is ma’rifah …. Believe me, there are saints in the government, there are saints in the business, there are saints in the schools, there are saints in the police and army, in homes, families, and there the sacred in each of the self. Once again, Go to, respect, love and raise them to be your leader. Their characteristics is that we always hear and remind them.
Their Mari’fah are wide, so people guess they know supranatural, just because they are endowed with much wisdom. May Allah glorify them, our leaders are sholeh, our leaders are not afraid to die for the truth, our leaders are assertives see unfair and hate ignorance, those who love Allah Al mIghty, who loves RAsullulah. Hopefully Allah answered their prayers, may Allah be with them, may Allah have mercy on them. Follow them, obey and show courtesy, because they had first come to the blessing of wisdom  before us.

The main thing in Al Wisdom (Al Hikmah) is HAQUL YAKIN (totally faith), with fire became cool (Ibrahim AS), with some youths inside the cave to sleep 300 years (Ashabul Kahf), With him Moses defeated Pharaoh, Queen of Sheba’s Chair With her move in the blink of an eye (The Story of Solomon), with Him David AS beat Goliath, with Him Mohammed The Rasullulah (may Allah honor them) were Mi’raj meet Allah SWT, With Him in the belly of whale fish Jonah AS  survived

Totally Faith is the blessing of wisdom , by which humans peacefully and safely.

‘Remember, true saints of God, there is no fear come upon them and not (also) they grieve. ‘Jonah 62

Allah, Allah, Allah Hu Akbar

wallahu alam bishawab,
wassalamualalaikum wr.wb.

Rhodes, Greece

Supranatural Conception
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