The biggest phyton found in Kalimantan?

Biggest Phyton

JAKARTA, – Photos of python snake (Python reticulatus) in a dead condition and removed using excavators to make splashy Facebook users and become the talk on mailing lists, workers in East Kalimantan. However, the news could not yet ascertained the truth.

According to a posting this giant snake photos on Facebook, the image he got from a colleague who worked in the mining contracting company.

“Its location in the Upper Land, near Kotabangun, member of Parliament. This photo is already spreading in the list of employees that heavy equipment rental companies. I just told like that. Problem is true or not, I also can not be sure,” said Mardiono, residents Balikpapan posting pictures of this giant python.

Interior forests still inhabited by a giant snake is suspected that the length could reach tens of meters. Python life spread from Africa to Southeast Asia. Of all types of python, Python reticulatus is the longest found in Southeast Asia to the peninsula of Sulawesi.

Snakes are known as type reticulatus reticulatus, sanca batik, or wetland snakes. Its length can reach tens of meters. Burma and python ball python (ball python) is not as long reticulatus size that is widely available in Indonesia’s natural forests. (*)

The biggest phyton found in Kalimantan?
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