The Mistery of Ilmu Leak Bali

Ilmu Leak is an ancient knowledge passed down by the ancestors of Hindus in Bali. Today people wondering is leak is real?, is leak really hurting people? In general, it does not hurt people, Leak was the science that’s good enough for those interested. Due to ilmu leak also has its own ethics or disciplines. Ilmu leak it’s not easy to learn. It takes strong ability to learn Ilmu leak. In communities often labeled leak could hurt even kill humans, but not like that. Ilmu leak is similar to other science contained in ancient Bali “lontar”(cocomut /pandan leaves use as paper)

First just a few people learn ilmu leak, because ilmu leak are the secret science as a last defense from enemy attacks. Ancient Balinese people who study this ilmu are high-ranking officials, the king accompanied by his subordinates. People who study ilmu leak, they prefer to place a fairly secret, because the science is indeed a secret
So only selected person who studies. Times have changed This ilmu leak is also changing according to the era. But essentially the same in the principle Ilmu Leak not for hurting people.
May be the other Ilmu means to hurt people called nerangjana teluh , this is the negative ilmu especially for hurting people because of some things like revenge, envy, want more superior, this is often called as ilmu pengiwa. Ilmu Pengiwa is as people are often misinterpretation and labeled as ilmu leak.
As said above the leak did exist in accordance with their knowledge levels, including with endih leak (light appearance of leak). Endih leak (light appearance of leak) usually appears at the time they are in exercises or playing with other leak either similar or opposite gender. The emergence of endih (light appearing) it at night, especially at midnight. Day any given day does not arbitrary to do this ilmu..

Why do this ilmu is in the haunted or quiet place?
This is in accordance with the ilmu leak in which people who study this science must be in a quiet place, usually in a cemetery or somewhere quiet. Endih (light ppearance) is might include physical or jnananya ( his/her spirit), because this ilmu can not be generalized for the study between one to another. For a new comer study, it was use his/her tongue to endih (light appearing) or using a spelling mantra as a medium. In conducting this imu takes a simple rituals. While passing through jnananya (spirit), the perpetrator uses the science of soul or spirit essence of leak. So looks like endih leak( light appearance of leak), and he/she dwelt in his house. who running only his/her own soul or suksma.
This endih (light appearance) forms is various in accordance with the levels. Sometimes there was a ball forms, chicken cages forms, depending on discipline (ethics used). This ilmu leak holds that ethics must be adhered to by the followers.
Endih(light appearance) leak was not the same as the other light rays, this appearing usually depends on the beholder. If you’ve ever seen, appearing motion in accordance with the cardinal directions, flickering unlike other static lighting.
The color is different, light appearing exceeds than one color and it’s motion while static lighting color is usually motionless and not chanced. Because of this appearance properties of electromagnetic waves which have a magnetic power. It does not cause heat or fire. Abstract and untouchable.
Basically, ilmu leak is the science which aims to seek enlightenment through holly script. In Bali’s characters / scripts there is no characters called leak, but there is “liya, ak” which means five characters (insert and remove the power of scripts in the body through certain procedures).
This Five characters are Si, Wa, Ya, Na, Ma.
– Si is reflected God
– Wa is a blessing
– Ya is the spirit
– Na is a force that cover the intelligence
– Ma is the egoism that imprison the soul
The strength of this scripts / characters is called panca gni (five fires). Humans who study spirituality whatever it is, would have draw out the light (aura). This light went out through the five of the body senses, like the ears, eyes, mouth, the fontanel, and genitals. In general, the light went out through the eyes and mouth. Therefore, when we see someone in a cemetery or place of quiet, the fire seemed to burn the person’s hair. In principle, ilmu leak not to learn how to hurt someone. But learned is how to get a sensation when meditating in the contemplation of these characters.
When the sensation come, then that person’s soul can walk out from the body (astral journey) or in Javanesse ilmu call “ Ilmu Rogo Sukmo”. This is also the reason why people learn ilmu leak.
When is preparing his inner soul called angeregep pengelekasan. Until this steps, our spirits can be a walk in the form of light commonly referred endih (light appearance)
Balls of light speed quickly. Endih (light appearing) is part of the human astral body (this body is not limited by space and time).The follower of ilmu leak can enjoy the beauty of the night in another inner dimension. Make no mistake, in the world of leak there has a ethics code, because not everyone can see endih (light appearing) and also no person dare to went out from the astral body If there are no very urgent purposes.
There are also other regulations as may not be signed in or close to dead people. The leak follower just do practice or do the ilmu in the cemetery (pemuwunan) .If there are people who passed away, the followers of the leak was to come into the cemetery to pray in order the spirit has a good place depends on good karma appropriate. Here’s the blessing of prayer by the leak : “ong, gni brahma anglebur panca maha butha, anglukat sarining merta. mulihankene kite ring betara guru, tumitis kita dadi manusia mahatama. ong rang sah, prete namah”. While carrying the ivory coconut to squirt as holly water. This is a principle of leak what ever are you rich or poor, smart or stupid etc will end at cemetery.
Some people in the India tradition there is no other holy places but in the cemetery. Why ?
because this is where the spirits gather. In Bali, a cemetery said as a haunted cemetery, because often things that are scary. This is because we rarely open lontar (Balinesse scripts) “ tatwaning Ulun Setra”. So we do not know the actually cemetery is the best place to meditate and got blessing prayer. Like The Buddha Kecapi, Mpu Kuturan, Gajah Mada, Diah Nateng Dirah, mpu Bradah, all achieved the enlightened in the cemetery. In Java, this tradition is called tirakat.

Leak also has limitations depending on the level of spiritual being studied. There are seven levels of leak.
Leak barak (brahma). This new leak could went out a red light like a fire. Leak bulan, leak pemamoran, leak bunga, leak sari, cemeng rangdu leak, leak Siwa klakah. Leak Siwa klakah is the highest. Because of the seventh chakra issue of light in accordance with the will of thought.

This Ilmu Leak is still developing because the beneficiary is still there, as the preservation of Hindu culture in Bali and want to see if the light appearing of leak came on the day Kajeng Kliwon Enjitan in cemetery in Bali at midnight.

“Science is just a speck of the vast nature of the universe. Let us hear alternative opinions regardless of whether true or not. For a peek vast ocean science that is still a mystery”

The Mistery of Ilmu Leak Bali
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