THE PHYSICS SCIENCE to counteract santet / black magic / witchcraft’s attack

Witchcraft, teluh, black magic, pink magic or whatever his name is the negative energy that can damage a person’s life: the form of disease, destruction of the household until came to death without unknown reason.

Various investigations have also done by  a lot of scientists to this phenomenon of the witchcraft, santet. Investigations using sciencetific approach must have a method of  nature science, ranging from seeking case of witchcraft, black magic, type of symptoms, etc. Then later conducted various experiments to cure. One of the conclusions / opinions that surfaced was in fact that witchcraft is energy. Why in the case of witchcraft, can get nails, scorpion, wire even knife the body of victim. It’s can be explained through the process of materialization of energy, and like. Certainly the research methods scientists are somewhat different from the religionist. If the religionist wear proposition scriptural religion references (paragraph of Holly Bible or Al Qur’An), then the scientists use a physic science (the law of universe) to investigate.

Well, witchcraft and spirits turned out that energy-charged (-). Earth turned out to have a energy-charge (-). In Coulomb’s law says, the same charge will repel each other and difference charge will attraction to each others

The formula:

F = K * ((Q1 * Q2) / R ^ 2)
F = force pull
K = Constant
Q1, Q2 = charge
R = distance

Conclusion : ghosts / jinns / spirits and the earth were both charged (-) that the reason ghosts / jinns / spirits is not touching the earth. Old people also frequently reminded of the past when talking with people who are not known at night then look at whether his feet tread the earth or not. If not then it means to be classified as above.

So also same with santet which was charged (-) then the physics can be overcome or be resisted by this Coulomb’s law. I do not discuss the method against witchcraft with mantra because it was much discussed but I can offer other alternatives which are “standalone” (for non-Muslims) or combined with recitation or dzikir (for Muslims).

Some Methods:
Method 1
Sleep on the floor that directly touch the earth. May use the thin bedding is no more than 15 cm thickness (tatami). By sleeping on the floor then witchcraft trouble logging because of blocked content (-) from the earth.
Method 2
Creating an electronic device that can emitting charged (-). Spirits, jinn,santet, withcraft etc will move away if exposed to vibration of the tool. But the weakness of the tool is not able to detect good and evil creatures. So, this tool will “beat up” any creature. If there are good jinn and bad jinn then both will be “expelled” as well.
Method 3
Perform special gymnastic movements which have to touch the earth footprints. The movement of this exercise has only one core movement just so easy to do by childs to parents. In addition to healing a variety of medical illnesses to be hard to recover, gymnastics is pretty much complete the witchcraft cases as well. This is purely gymnastics, without spells or special breathing.
Method 4
Planting trees or plants that have a charge (-). For those who are sensitive spiritual aura of this plant are felt “cold”. Trees that have a charge (-) are: dadap, pacar cina, moringa, yellow bamboo, etc.. Plants of this kind of ethereal being least preferred. Usually plants charged (-) It’s root is not too strong grip on the earth ( commonly with fibre”s roots) compared with plants with charged (+)

As with the tree that has a load (+) like tamarind tree, banyan tree, star fruit, yellow, etc. then  kapok randu tree ( commonly with heels roots )of this kind would attract spirits /ghosts and are often used as a place to live. This is because there are attractive forces between the trees (+) and spirits (-) according to Coulomb’s law.

THE PHYSICS SCIENCE to counteract santet / black magic / witchcraft’s attack
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