Why The Sacred Pearls ?

A Zen student once asked his teacher “What is the most valuable thing in the world?”

His master replied ‘The head of a dead cat.’

The student asked the teacher “What makes the head of a dead cat the most valuable thing in the world?”

The teacher replied “Because no one can name its price.”

Zen is the body of teaching developed from the advent of Bodhidharma, a Buddhist mystic of the Brahmin caste within Sanatana Dharma (“The Eternal Religion” or “Everlasting Righteousness ” later to be known throughout the world as Hinduism.)  Zen (Buddha is considered the 9th avatar of Hinduism’s Lord Vishnu) was the result of Bodhidarma’s ideas reaching outside of India as they reached Japan through China.  In this site you will find natural treasures of Vaidika Dharma, or “Religion of the Vedas” (The Vedas are the Hindu Sacred Texts,) whose price is difficult to name, but are considered ‘objects of faith’ somewhat like this final Zen story…

A changing of patriarchs was at hand, and one student immediately thought that he should lay claim to the 5th patriarch’s robe and bowl, which would certainly be of great value.  He visited his chambers at night with intent to usher away the robe and bowl, but was confronted by the patriarch in these terms- “What you seek are simply objects that represent the faith.  If you wish to take them, by all means do so.”  The student went to pick up the bowl and found it as heavy as a mountain.  Shaking, he told the patriarch that he had not started the Path in search of material things and had certainly become distracted in his practice of Zen.  It is said that this very night, he became enlightened.

We invite you to review this body of  Sacred Pearls from Vedic tradition, along with other related holy relics we have put in our galleries… and come to your own conclusions.  Thank you for your visit, and it is our hope that you may benefit by our studies into this reemerging field of lost culture.


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