The secret power of “Asam Jawa” woods

The secret power of “Asam Jawa” woods (latin: Tamarindus Indicus Linn)

Tamarind Tree is very popular in Indonesia reaches 30 m height and diameter reaches 60 cm – 70 cm. Leaves and fruit is widely used for the drug. Kawak acids are fruit acids that have been cleaned of seeds and fiber is then steamed for about 10 minutes, given a little salt, shaped like balls and sun dried under  sunlight. Kawak acid is used to sort types of drugs, including diseases of throat infection. The seeds called Klungsu seeds, believed to reject evil spirits, especially from the Royal South. Black tamarind seed as much as 3-9 seeds, if placed in the headlights of a car / motorbike can be trusted to avoid traffic accidents caused by spirits. Black part of the terrace called Galih Asem, fortunate for safety, increasing courage (guts), defeat the vulnerable ilmu,rejected the evil genie and anti black magick. If someone has slapped on the black magic power, it usually will become extinct miracle. Galih Asem is used by only good-hearted leader of  “Satriya Pandita” (Priest or warrior), this wood is also good for warangka of Kerises.

The secret power of "Asam Jawa" woods
The secret power of "Asam Jawa" woods
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1The secret power of "Asam Jawa" woods
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