The secret power of iron

Meteorite iron

Meteorite iron

The secret power of iron on a keris

IRON IN THE AL-QURAN. To own keris will going to “musyrik” and “Syirik” (dualism) if we are wrong in interpret meanings of kerises, maybe we believe how capable of the one pieces of keris for makes richer the owner, able to create a secure, making happy or even at the end forget the power of Allah The Creator.

The wrong way of thinking like the above should we improve in line with the commands of Allah in Sura AL. Hadid verse. 25. Meanings of Al HadidAl Hadid because in verse 25 of the 29 verses of  letters Al-Hadid, Allah the Creator mentions about iron in explicitly, “We sent down iron, and in  iron there was a very powerful force and a lot of the benefits for human beings “, unfortunately although that is the first time reminded to the believers (muslim), but later on a more intelligent use and exploit the metal that is non-Muslim people, after they interact with the community of Islam at  medieval times, and there This verse  also as a warning  on how science needs to learn deepened to realign iron utilization for human life. literally about iron, and this letter called

A famous scientist who became speaker in the seminar “Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an al-Karim ‘, DR Strogh are also very famous among the American space agency, NASA said,” We have conducted various studies on a number of minerals of the earth and a number of research laboratory. However, only one type of mining commodities is very confusing scientists, namely iron. In terms of capacity, the iron has the form (structure) that is unique. In order to unity the electrons and neutron elements  in an iron elements, it takes tremendous energy to reach, four times larger than the total energy in our solar planets. ”
This means, not the metal may have formed while on earth. There must be a strange elements that came down to earth where he has not formed there. Allah is saying, “And We have created an iron that its  great strength and many benefits for humans, (so they use the iron it) and that Allah The Creator  might know who is helping His (religion) and His apostles, more over God is not seen . Surely Allah is Strongest and The Mighty. “( 25)
(SOURCE: Arabic-language site about the scientific miracles of the Qur’an and as-Sunnah, as copied from the Ba Al-Adillah Al-Maaddiyyah ‘Ala Wujuudillaah”, Author by:  Shaykh Muhammad Mutawalli Asy-Sya’rawu),

Allah The Creator. Already has created an iron with His strengths, if
the empus are able to find out functions and usefulness of each of iron. It means that now we just choose the appropriate irons  which is forging on a kerises and fix it with our personality.

Here are some examples kinds of irons :
Iron Karangkijang = energy was cool and patient
Iron pulosani = has benefits for the authority, luck attraction, and has good career.
Iron mangangkang (Wadon / female) =  easily to attract fortune
Iron Walulin .= healthy , strong benefits for the owner, fit in the agricultural area  to make fertile plants, make many people respected, and assertive in solve the problems
Iron katub.= benefits is suitable for traders, what is desired can be achieved, and also for safety.
Iron Kambodia .= beneficial to the dignity, respectful crowd, good career. But must not do evil, if violated gets hurt.
Iron Ambal = benefits may attract other kerises.
Iron Winduaji = beneficial to safety.
Iron Tumpang = beneficial to the dignity and charm.
Iron Werani = beneficial for achieving a high rank in social or organisation, rich, and Success in governance.
Iron Walangi. = Benefits to attract luck, also for increase revenue but not suitable for bankers.
Iron Terate .= benefited as love attraction, and safety.

As with any herbal medicine prepared by an expert in herbal medicine, which comes from a variety of plant which has its own function and then put together for a treatment of a disease. Kerises likewise be mixed from different kinds of iron which have separate functions and then put together for a purpose for custom orders.
If we drink herbal medicine can give effect to the life and good health, likewise the kerises but need to be vigilant and not to be mistaken with the keris that is not mixed from appropriated irons.

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The secret power of iron
The secret power of iron
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